Do you know how much a property is worth in Panama City? in 2020

Actualizado: 26 de abr de 2020

When selling, buying or renting, it is essential that you know what the prices are that are handled in the market, this will save you time and money. There are several ways to know the price of a property, but the best way is:

Make an assessment:

Verifica las empresas que son aceptadas por los bancos en Panamá.

It is advisable to hire an appraisal company recognized by banks in Panama, in this way you will have a realistic value of your property, additionally this appraisal can be used so that your buyer can obtain the necessary financing to buy your property.

Make a market comparison:

An experienced real estate agent can make a comparison of the prices in your area, using reference values of the properties sold or rented in the last 6 months.

Utiliza los valores de cierre.

It is essential to take as a reference the values at which the properties were sold or rented. Never take the prices in which they are published as a reference, sometimes they are speculative prices far from the reality of the market. My main objective is to help the client in any real estate process, that's why I am going to share a price table for the main areas of Panama City.

Price per square meter of rent: Bella Vista: USD $ 10.2 Juan Diaz (Costa del Este): $ 9.61 San Francisco: USD $ 9.15 Average in Panama City: USD $ 9.58

Price per square meter for sale:    Bella Vista: USD $ 1,588.88 Juan Diaz (Costa del Este): USD $ 1,997.86 San Francisco: USD $ 1,792.72 Average Panama City: USD $ 1,596.21

I hope this information helps you make a smart choice when buying, selling or renting a property in Panama City. Do you need advice? fill out the following form:

Until next time!

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