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Actualizado: 26 de abr de 2020

A good real estate lawyer in Panama can be your insurance when making a real estate transaction.

En Panamá existen muchos abogados pero no todos son especialistas en temas inmobiliarios.

Every decision in life that represents a before and after must be taken calmly and meditating on the situation. Buying your new home may be the most important investment you can make in your life, as such an important decision is recommended that you seek a professional expert in the field to advise you. A licensed real estate agent is the ideal professional to market a property, but when handling tax aspects, land use restrictions, unfavorable clauses in a contract or managing a counterparty that does not comply with the agreement; the right professional is a real estate attorney. That said, it is important to rely on an experienced attorney on how to properly handle a real estate transaction. This way you can minimize the risks of your investment, avoid possible litigation due to a poorly written contract or because you have accepted an unfavorable condition when negotiating. I am going to give you my four reasons to hire a real estate attorney: 1. Know the Law: Every transaction is a multi-part game and in every game it is always important to know the rules so as not to make mistakes that may affect you. 2. He is a suitable professional:  When it comes to selling, it's okay to let a real estate agent handle the promotion, but you can't expect this same agent to write a contract or do a real estate deal involving legal issues. 3. It can protect your assets: Depending on the client's profile, many need to structure their patrimony and protect it, the causes can be diverse, but an attorney is a professional capable of structuring patrimonial protection. 4. You can do customer due diligence: It is always necessary to know with whom you are making a deal and the origin of the funds with which they will buy your property, a proper due diligence can save you future headaches. My final recommendation is that you use both professionals, the real estate attorney to structure the deal and protect your assets. To the real estate agent to do the marketing of the property. You may also be interested in: https://www.jsantosf.com/post/5-consejos-al-momento-de-firmar-un-contrato

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