Reasons to Emigrate and Invest in Panama ✈⚓🏝🏗

Panama is a destination of opportunities

The Government of Panama has various official alternatives so that foreigners, or non-natives, can access a residence, an investor visa or a work permit in that country. This is because "promoting investment" is one of the main objectives of Panamanian immigration policy.

The local economy is one of the main beneficiaries of foreign investment and the existing visa typologies allow obtaining from a temporary residence to the national passport, inclusive.

Types of visas

Panama offers many opportunities.

Panama has, for example, a list of "friendly countries" since 2012 and with this type of visa you can achieve permanent residence and therefore the right to request an authorization to work. There are also other options such as the business visa, the retiree visa, the financial solvency visa, the specialist professional visa, etc. As you can see, options and benefits for investors in Panama are not lacking.

In short, the establishment of foreigners in Panamanian territory can be organized taking into account the type of activity that we are about to carry out: visitor or tourist, student, temporary residence, permanent or investment residence.

Benefits enjoyed by an investor who decides to emigrate and invest in Panama

The residence visa for foreigners who invest money in Panama is subject, for example, to the amount they are willing to invest. Situation that is normally also tied to the objectives of said investment: opening of fixed terms, acquisition of real estate in Panama, among others.

Investing in Panama always has its positive balance, for example, if we do it within the real estate sector. The growth in this area has been constant and organized, thus allowing the opening to an important local and international market, which increases its commercial value per square meter year after year.

Unlike visas in other countries, obtaining investor visas in Panama are relatively easy and fast, and in some cases they can be extended to children (under 25 years of age) and / or spouses.

On the other hand, and for those who think a little beyond the immediate, Panama is one of the most important banking centers in the world (more than 150 banks), an economic stability demonstrated by statistics (inflation does not exceed the 2%) and the economic support of great powers such as the United States and China.

Many activities are tax exempt in Panama.

Regarding tax issues, in Panama there is a policy of reduced taxes for some areas and exempt taxes for others. On the other hand, credit facilities can also be found in certain situations such as when obtaining a mortgage loan for up to thirty years or for up to more than 70% of the property.

For those who like tourism, in Panama it is a little explored industry, so in addition to the tax exception, it is an area with little competition and many great opportunities to take advantage of.

Definitely Panama, is a destination that you must visit and contemplate within your options to invest and emigrate.

Let me know any questions you have about visa processes and how to invest in Panama.

Until next time!

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