Is it a good time to invest in real estate in Panama?

Currently we live in times of great uncertainty but it is precisely in times like these that the best opportunities to invest are born, I hope the following analysis will help you take the step of investing in real estate in Panama.

1. What is a value reserve currency?

It is a currency that is used in large quantities by governments as part of their international reserves, additionally it is the currency through which prices of goods and merchandise are established in the international market.

2. What is wealth?

The material wealth of an individual is his total possession of tangibles and intangibles subject to a market value, this implies that said reserve must be interchangeable for money or other goods, example of tangible goods:

· Gold

· Real estate

· Machinery

3. Why is it a good time to invest in real estate?

In the post-Covid era, the dollar could lose its prominence as a world reserve currency and the problem for Panama is that we do not have a hard currency of our own and we are tied to the dollar.

Taking refuge in value reserve assets is a smart option, like real estate that is currently experiencing a drop in prices in the market in Panama, unlike gold and bitcoin that is on the rise. Another point to value is that people will always need a home to buy or rent and therefore there will always be demand for real estate.

"The best opportunity to deploy capital is when things are going down"

Warren buffet

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