Digital nomads in Panama, the Tenants of 2020? 🐱‍💻

Actualizado: 26 de abr de 2020

"Being free is ... spending the greatest amount of time in our lives on what we like to do" Pepe Mujica.

Los nómadas digitales están transformando los mercados inmobiliarios y Panamá no es la excepción.

Digital nomadism is both a movement and a socio-economic and labor process of the 21st century, even in its initial phase, which supposes a strong liberation of the professional regarding its geographical barriers, routines and fixed schedules. It also often contributes to the breakdown of traditional hierarchies and labor structures. A digital nomad tends to live a lifestyle based on great geographic freedom, living wherever he wants for as long as he wants. Although he travels a lot or lives in different places, he is not a traditional traveler, since his work always accompanies him. Among the most frequent motivations to adopt this nomadic lifestyle, we can talk about a higher quality of life, the option of spending more time with the family, geographic flexibility, choosing to live in more friendly climates, enjoying long-term travel and owning your time. The digital nomad only requires a laptop, cell phone and Wi-Fi Internet access to carry out his work remotely. Hopefully, as its name implies, it uses digital media to find its next accommodation, it can be from a tree house to an igloo in the Arctic; Real estate is definitely evolving rapidly and many find it difficult to accept the idea that traditional schemes of closed residential complexes, where you do not know who the neighbor is or an apartment building focused on you doing everything inside your department unit, they will gradually disappear. The new millennial user seeks to always be interconnected and their residential complex is the world, they want to spend their time learning about new cultures, foods, languages ​​and lifestyles; The jobs will evolve and every day there will be more digital nomads, those who generate significant income from a laptop watching the sunset on a Caribbean beach. There are several platforms that offer the accommodation service, but the best known and most famous is Airbnb, a curious fact is that it was not the first, but it was the most disruptive, some people say that its scheme was copied from platforms that were created before from the birth of Airbnb, such as:,, among others. But despite not being the first if they were the most original and disruptive, this was the turning point that separated them from their competition and the rest is history.

Un nómada digital es un profesional que trabaja y viaja por el mundo al mismo tiempo.

Let's look at economic data 1. According to a study by Everbooked and LearnAirbnb (two companies linked to AirBnb). The study shows that in just over seven years, the private accommodation rental platform has become a giant of 25 billion dollars, with more than 2 million offers in more than 190 countries. 2. In 2011 Airbnb raised 112 million sponsors, was valued by investors at more than a billion dollars and reserved a million nights on its platform. Then this data was smashed: One million reservations became five, ten, fifty, and then one hundred and forty million guest arrivals in late 2016. The Airbnb platform allows you to generate additional income that you can receive for your stays, by allowing you to offer what they call “experiences”, which are unique activities or services offered by the host. This platform transforms your property into a potential customer base for your commercial activity and allows you to create international connections without the need to take a plane, the connections literally come to your home. When offering your property on a digital platform, it is important to take into account the following tips: Offers good prices for long stays during low seasons Many digital nomads decide their destinations on the same day that they leave the previous destination. Others, however, plan ahead where it is best to spend the summer or winter, and so on. If your property doesn't attract many guests during a specific time, you could use that opportunity to offer irresistible discounts for those seeking a longer stay. In this way, your property will not be empty during the low season, and a digital nomad will be able to enjoy your area and fall in love with its charms! Show interesting places near your property Part of the appeal of being able to work from anywhere is the freedom that gives you when deciding how to organize your day. For this type of guests, not only the accommodation in which they will carry out the activity counts. Freelance cafes, original shops, and yoga gyms are also part of the digital nomad lifestyle. That said, if your home has stunning views, a private pool, or unique designer furnishings that will catch any guest's attention, be sure to show them off on your website, along with attractive places in your area that will help seal you up. Curious fact Actress Gwyneth Paltrow spent a vacation in January 2016 in an $ 8,000 a night accommodation in Punta Mita, Mexico, and a few months later rebooked a villa in the Cote d'Azur for $ 10,000 a night. This article is a very short study and does not capture the sea of ​​opportunities offered by Homeshare business schemes. I recommend reading also: Are you interested in investing in vacation properties to rent to digital nomads? don't forget to complete the following form:

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2. La historia de Airbnb, autor: Leigh Gallagher, editorial conecta.



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