Reasons to use a real estate agency in Panama

Actualizado: 26 de abr de 2020

Everything in life has a starting point and business is no exception. Many of us start crawling, then we walk, run and some even fly. You should always keep in mind that many times businesses succeed or fail because of the advice they receive. Time is the most valuable asset we have because despite scientific advances, the source of eternal life has not yet been discovered.

Lo ideal es que trabajes con un equipo de profesionales inmobiliarios, que te generen valor.

The role of a real estate consultant is to save you time, because you already know, from your own experience or from your studies, what you must do to reach your goal faster. Thus, it helps you to structure the time required to reach the objective, taking into account that we do not have tomorrow assured and that we know, statistically, what are our years of greatest working capacity and how to take advantage of it. Now, after reading the above, you will think you need an advisor; but who is the most suitable? Personally I consider that there is not one that meets all the necessary requirements and knowledge; However, those who have their own work team will have a broader perspective that will enhance their results. Real estate is an item that many professionals need to execute a single operation: it requires a seller, an expert in digital marketing, you need a real estate lawyer who knows how to close the sale, a financial advisor who knows how to process the mortgage. and negotiate its terms with the bank. Imagine that a single person could do all of the above. It is a fantasy, so we recommend looking for an advisor that relies on a robust corporate structure, to support you in your needs.

10 Reasons to use a corporate real estate firm in Panama:

Las firmas de bienes raíces, cuentan con abogados inmobiliarios

1. It has a network of professionals who support its commercial operation.

2. It has years of accumulated experience among all the professionals that comprise it.

3. It has a network of contacts that are helpful when making a real estate transaction.

4. They are professionals, licensed (s) to exercise the brokerage operation.

5. They are regulated by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and are regulated non- financial subjects.

6. It is global in scope and can take your real estate operation to another level.

7. They give you more, for the same fees that an unstructured agent would charge.

8. They are unionized, which gives them relevance in the market and they have a network of colleagues with whom to develop real estate businesses.

9. They have the ability to develop sophisticated or non-traditional businesses, to which an unstructured real estate professional has no access.

10. They maintain control of the operation.

I hope this article helps you visualize the importance of using a professional who has the intellectual, economic and professional resources to carry out your real estate operation. I encourage real estate professionals to read this article to work with a robust corporate structure that allows them to achieve maximum results. Do you need advice? fill out the following form:

Until next time!!

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