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Playa Coronado is a beach development that was conceived on a 900 Hectare land on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Coronado dates back to 1941 with a visionary concept for its time, with a golf course designed by Tom and George Fazio, renowned golf course designers worldwide.

Coronado tiene un campo de 27 hoyos.

Since its inception, Coronado has been considered the best beach community in Panama, due to its proximity to Panama City, security, and having one of the best beaches in the Bay of Panama (Playa Serena). I am going to tell you my five reasons for buy a beach property in Coronado, Panama.

1. Benefits:

Coronado is a beach community thought for its inhabitants, it has everything you need so you do not have to get away from Coronado. Among the main amenities we have: 3 commercial squares with more than 150 commercial premises; This translates into a wide commercial offer, 4 major supermarket chains, presence of the main banks in the country, clothing stores, surf shops, car rental companies, travel agencies and much more. Another important benefit of Coronado is that it has its own private hospital, Hospital San Fernando, which offers laboratory, radiology, emergency, dental and specialized consultations. Coronado is also considered a very safe community, it has a private security checkpoint, police station and cameras on the perimeter of the community. National police and private security conduct rounds throughout the day and night throughout the project.

Meditación matutina en playa Coronado,Panamá

Of course and no less important is that the place has a 27-hole golf course, overlooking the beautiful Playa Serena and if you like surfing at the tip of Playa Serena breaks one of the best right waves in all of Panama.

2. Gastronomic offer:

Coronado is a paradise for foodies (food lovers), in a few kilometers around you can find delicious gastronomic offer of all types, prices and presentations. Definitely, if you like the good life and the food, Playa Coronado is a place that you should visit.

3. Community:

In this place people of many nationalities come together who found in Coronado the perfect place to retire and live their golden years, you also find surf lovers. The beach and the good vibes make Coronado your permanent residence and allow you to take advantage of the good waves that the Bay of Panama has from March to December.

Coronado tiene una de las mejores olas de derecha en todo Panamá.

Coronado is characterized by its good climate, relaxed lifestyle where your only concern is what sunglasses you will combine with your bermuda, if you visit Coronado do not miss the opportunity to watch the sunset, it is beautiful.

4. Infrastructure:

Coronado has all the necessary infrastructure, it has electricity, drinking water, high-speed Internet, hospitals, banks, paved roads, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, and a private hospital. As an additional value, the distance to the Rio Hato Airport is 20 minutes and 1 hour to Panama City. In Coronado you can live quietly, there are no risks that something happens to you and that you do not have access routes to a hospital or airport, on the contrary, you have everything you need at your disposal. However, Coronado has its magic because even though you have all the services of a city, you don't feel like one; It is as if you lived on a small island where time stops with the sound of the wind moving the palm trees and if you walk its several kilometers of beach on a weekday, it is as if you were a castaway with the beach for yourself and on one night with stars is as if the milky way is your patio.

5. Current prices of houses and apartments:

Coronado in previous years was characterized by its high prices in real estate, but currently there are properties at affordable prices, it is your opportunity to make a good investment and take advantage of current prices.

Aprovechas los precios actuales de casas de playa en coronado, Panamá

It is expected that the real estate market in Panama will rebound and this will cause prices to rise again, whoever takes advantage of current prices will guarantee good returns on investment and if your thing is rent, the short-term or late-term rental market. week on platforms like AIRBNB you can generate interesting returns immediately, I invite you to visit Coronado and live the experience "Coronado is life".

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