5 Benefits of living on a beach property in Panama

Actualizado: 26 de abr de 2020

Living on the beach and waking up to the sound of the waves in the morning, the song of the seagulls, enjoying an orange sky at sunrise like those seen in the Bay of Panama in summer and of course if you like surfing, wake up early and go surf some good waves before sunrise. It becomes one of the best experiences in this world, since after enjoying a bath of good vibes you can walk home totally freed from the stress of work and freed from problems is priceless.

Panamá es un paraíso con sol todo el año.

After reading the introduction you may already want to move to the beach, but let me tell you what are the 5 benefits of living on the beach, of course there are more, but for something we have to start:

1. Health benefits:

· Improves metabolism: In the areas near the sea, the water present in the breeze and the water causes people to experience a normalization in the production of thyroid hormones and even better absorption of elements such as magnesium and calcium, which favors the metabolic system. · Stabilizes blood pressure: In places that are at the same sea level, the atmospheric pressure is higher, as is the amount of oxygen, this favors the oxygenation of organs, body tissues and directly affects blood pressure and improves heart rate. · Help with respiratory problems: A key component in all nasal decongestants is iodine, so being in a marine environment helps alleviate nasal problems and acute respiratory symptoms; In addition to other salts and minerals together with the environmental humidity, they favor the expulsion of mucus. In the Sea life is tastier!

2. Favorable environmental conditions:

· Safe beaches: The beaches of the Bay of Panama are safe, mostly without strong currents, we do not have dangerous animals that attack people like other beaches in the world, for example; Australia has the Sea Wasp, which is a jellyfish considered one of the most poisonous creatures on the planet and coexists with Australian bathers on the beaches; Another example is California and Hawaii with shark attacks. I clarify that all animals have the right to live with humans, but Panama has the advantage that our coastal animals do not represent a greater risk.

Panamá cuenta con bienes raíces de playa para todos los gustos.

·Low rates of plastic pollution: Plastic is a plague that plagues all the coasts of the world and it is a problem that we and future generations must fight, but on time most of the Panamanian coasts do not present high rates of plastic contamination, of course there are points in the geography of Panama where the marine currents throw pollution from other latitudes, added to the pollution that is generated locally, but thank God in Panama the environmental movement is getting stronger. In January of this year, a law that is a pioneer in Central America came into force and prohibits the use of disposable plastic bags in any type of commercial establishment. Panama is not a country free of pollution, this is impossible, but if we compare ourselves with other destinations with coasts, for example Indonesia we have a relatively low rate of pollution on our coasts. · A paradise for beach sports: In Panama we have favorable conditions for surfing, kitesurfing, bodyboarding, open water swimming, etc. For surfing there is a menu of waves with all sizes and shapes throughout the Panamanian geography throughout the year, for kitesurfing the favorite destination is Punta Chame in the months of December to April. Panama, because it is surrounded by coasts, has all the conditions to practice any water sport; you just need to locate the Panamanian beach that best suits your favorite sport. · We are an Isthmus bathed by 2 seas: Panama is blessed to be surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, we can enjoy a sunrise on the Pacific coast and a sunset on the Caribbean coast the same day.

3. Attractive prices:

In the current beach property market in Panama, we have opportunity prices in locations that previously handled values up to 50% above current prices. This change in prices is an opportunity that investors or someone thinking of living on the beach should take advantage of. The price window from my perspective will last 2-3 years, you still have time to plan and secure a beach house before prices go up again. Beach properties have the advantage that Panamanian leasing legislation allows them to make short-stay tourist leases and use applications like Airbnb without any penalty.

4. Infrastructure:

In Panama we have coastal areas of all kinds from the most paradisiacal and remote to those that are mini cities, the latter have all the necessary infrastructure, hospitals, shopping centers, banks, schools, universities, roads, cinemas, etc. While still being beach areas with a relaxed lifestyle, low traffic and good vibes.

5. Accessibility:

A road trip from Panama City to the border with Costa Rica lasts only 10 hours, now if you can leave the Panamanian borders in that time, you can get to any beach in less. If you compare it to places like the United States that a trip from Ohio to Florida takes 17 hours to see the sea and live with the crocodiles, I think that Panama has its merit and it is worth living here. I hope this article helps you make the decision to move to a Panamanian beach, if you want to know more about how to invest in beach properties in Panama send me a message or check the services section.

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