Moving to Panama

Moving to Panama?

Panama is a friendly jurisdiction for foreigners who can obtain their residence and work permits in an easy way in a relatively quick time. Panama's priority is to create a friendly environment to attract foreign investment and for the foreign investor to have the tools to complete their investment.

Many investors take advantage of the opportunities that Panama offers to invest in areas of the Panamanian economy such as: forest investment, manufacturing, assembly plants, facilities for distribution through import and export, creation of software, call centers, which would be the main areas that the Panamanian jurisdiction seeks to encourage, it is worth mentioning that there are other niches that can be exploited by investors.

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Why emigrate and become a resident of Panama?


Panama as a country has many benefits, how they can be: a pleasant climate all year round, geographical location, low tax rates, a first-class banking center, a dollarized economy, the benefits of having an interoceanic canal and is characterized as an international business center. .

Panama is a jurisdiction that is worth knowing and having it among your options to invest, retire or both.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Panama, request more information or schedule a call to talk about it at no cost.

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